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COVID-19 Studio Restrictions:

We take our safety and the safety of our Clients and colleagues very seriously. As a result, we have implemented a zero-tolerance policy regarding our Covid-19 restrictions. Guests must adhere to the following rules. Guests not willing to adhere to these rules will not be admitted into the building and your session will be forfeited.

Foremost, you must have a non-contact thermometer test upon entry.

By entering the facility, you are consenting to the thermometer check and are required to adhere to guidelines.

Entering the facility assumes that, to the best of your knowledge, you do not have Covid-19 and have not knowingly been around individuals with Covid-19.

Guests are limited to a maximum of 4 people including the engineer. For VO and ADR sessions we can schedule accordingly to accommodate larger sessions with multiple talents.

Hand washing must occur immediately upon entering the Studio. Please sanitize hands often, there are many bottles of hand sanitizer located around the control room and the booth.   

Masks must be worn at all times by all talents and engineers (except when talent is in the booth for vocal recording only). Everyone must be masked, for all others recording sessions.

All current CDC guidelines must be followed by both Client and engineer.


Room 2 Studios is a Non-Smoking Facility. Any and all smoking and vaping must be done outside.







Any and all damages to Room 2 Studios, the Studio Nine Complex, and the Studio’s equipment caused by recklessness and negligence of Client, artists, musicians, guests, active children, regardless of intent for negligence, will be at the expense of the Client. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time without explanation or reason. We do not allow tobacco or drugs in the Studio. Vapes may be enjoyed outside out of respect to others who may be in the complex in addition to Covid-19 precautions. Alcohol will not be supplied by the Studio. Responsible alcohol consumption is permitted, but the Studio is not responsible for guests’ and artists’ level of consumption. Do not drink and drive. Food in the Studio is permitted, but food and drinks should never be allowed on the Studio desk or near the equipment. You may help yourself to a water in the fridge. Please be clean and mindful of the space and the equipment. Throw away food and drinks in the large trash in the lounge.


Any engineers involved in the production or recordings created in the Studio will need to be fully credited for their involvement and role. If you have any questions on how to do so, please or email us.


There are likely other sessions happening in the complex. Please be polite, you never know who you may interact with in the hallway.




A 50% deposit (which will be applied toward the cost of your session) is required to schedule and secure your sessions at the Studio. This deposit is non-refundable. To reschedule your session at no additional cost, Room 2 Studios requires a minimum of 3 days. This minimum time frame is necessary for both parties to adjust their schedule. Note, your existing deposit will be applied to your new booking.

Changes and/or cancellations require at least a THREE-day notice. If you do not notify us within three days, meaning 72 hours prior to your booking, we will still reschedule but with an additional late fee of $65. If you cancel less than 3 days prior to your session then you will lose 50% of the ENTIRE SESSION and your deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will lose 100% of your ENTIRE PLANNED SESSION and you will be charged for the full session! This is at a loss to you. You will not be able to recover your deposit and you will not be able to reschedule. Please keep this in mind.

Billing for the session at our established hourly rate starts from the beginning of your scheduled appointment, not from the time you show up (if later). We have a 2-hour minimum policy. You are welcome to arrive 15 minutes before the session appointment without being charged for the time. This “free” time can be used for setting up your instruments, warming up your vocals and/or getting yourself ready for the session. The billable session will start at your scheduled time and may include set-up. Setting up is usually very quick, totaling to 10 minutes or so. We do our best to setup everything before the session begins. The more we know about your session, the better we can prepare.


Mixing and mastering is not charged hourly. If you would like your music mixed and/or mastered please contact us or use the booking service on the website.




Payments MUST be caught up at the end of each visit. Scratch, rough mixes, or other audio or session files WILL NOT be released until payment is made in full. A 10% monthly late fee will be applied on any remaining balance that goes unpaid past the due date.


We accept most credit and debit cards. We also accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Venmo, Cashapp, Cash, and Cryptocurrency. ​


In the event that Studio time, be covered by net payments, rates can still increase at the discretion of the Studio manager or owner. Typically, the rates of Studio usage (and services provided) will double based on longer net payment terms.


In the event that more time is required than what was booked originally, you will be billed at $50/hr IF that time is available for extension. If there is an upcoming session, time will not be granted. Engineers that are booked for more than 10 hours will be billed for 'time and a half' at their 11th and 12th hour and will be billed at double time thereafter per California law.


Once deposits are received, your session time is locked and can commence at its scheduled time and date. Remainder of bill will be charged within the last hour of your session on the card or from the account used to book the session. If you would like for us to charge a different card or account, or to pay in another form, please let us know when you arrive to accommodate your needs.


File Management


Room 2 Studios will hold your project for 30 days after the last time the project was worked on. If you think you might want to return to the project after more than 7 days, it is the Client’s responsibility to request a copy of the session/project within this time period. Although we do not intentionally erase any old projects, we cannot be held responsible for storing your project beyond 7 days.


It is recommended that the Client request a link to download your project to your personal computer or hard drive. If your work is accidentally lost to circumstances beyond our control within 7 days of your last visit on that specific project, we will replace the work lost by crediting you back the cost of the Studio time you used to create the project.


As the Client, it is your responsibility to secure permission to use any copyrighted material in your project. We do not take any responsibility for any violation of copyright laws by you or by your guests. We keep your project private. We will not post your songs or give them away (whether partial or complete) without your permission. We want to be very careful to preserve the excitement of your future release.


If a third party is paying for your session, it is highly encouraged that you sign a contract with the third party which outlines, in advance, who has access to your project in its partial and complete states. If we are not informed to the contrary, we will assume the third party paying for the session has all rights to all of the mixes and session material that you worked on at Room 2 Studios.


Customer Service


Room 2 Studios is not held responsible for items left behind during the booking. Contact the Studio immediately to schedule a time to pick up the article left behind. Any item left at the Studio will be stored at the Studio for a maximum of fourteen days.  After fourteen days, ownership will be forfeited to Room 2 Studios.


We proudly stand behind our services. If you are dissatisfied with any of our services, let us know at the time, or contact us immediately with your concerns and we will do everything possible to make things right.


There is ample parking right out front of the Studio with very little restrictions. There is also plenty of parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Unforeseen and unplanned circumstances occur. Room 2 Studios cannot be held accountable for external disturbances such as of construction, storms, public events, etc. These are typically out of our control and not typically cleared with local businesses nor is it something we know about ahead of time. In the event we do know about potential disturbance we will make sure to schedule around it and work with you to fulfill the booking.

The building and the Studio are under 24-hour surveillance in the event of any accident, theft, or damages that may occur and will be used in court for evidence shall the need arise. Footage is used exclusively for internal security purposes and the contents will not be distribute to anyone.

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